About Us

Our commitment to service and quality means peace of mind for our customers.

Greentree Packaging & Lumber is a Texas-based manufacturer and wholesaler of custom pallets, skids and other wood packaging products. We make, sell, and deliver pallets, plywood, boxes, crates, dunnage, lumber, timbers, and much more. We have manufacturing plants in Texas and Mississippi and serve all surrounding states. We also sell and ship to international and overseas markets. 

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At Greentree Packaging & Lumber, our mission is to provide our customers with excellent customer service, the highest quality products, and competitive pricing.

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We buy our supplies directly from the sawmill, and then we design, cut, and build to your exact needs and specifications. The product is delivered in owner-operated trucks for the lowest possible cost to our customer. Our team has over 150 years combined wood packaging experience, and we strive to meet and/or exceed ISO quality guidelines.

We use a state-of-the-art CAD software to precisely design and manufacture pallets that are custom-suited to our customer’s exact specifications and needs. This saves cost by providing better support and protection for their products, and by eliminating excess space and weight. It also conserves material and reduces waste.

We also offer additional support services such as pallet management, recycling, pallet disposal, materials handling consultations, vendor managed inventory and much more.

Industries We Serve


Aerospace & Defense

Heavy Industrial

Energy & Plastics


Food & Beverage

Consumer Products

HVAC & Appliance


Concrete Forming

Forest Products


Greentree Packaging Lands on Dallas 100 List Ranking Fastest-Growing Companies

We are proud to be named among the Dallas 100, compiled by Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, measuring the fastest-growing small private companies in North Texas. More here

Our Environmental Pledge

Greentree’s sustainability plan includes the responsible manufacture, use and reuse of used pallets, crates, cutoffs, and other waste wood products that in the past have gone to a landfill. Greentree will recover and recycle used products for use in new pallets, new crates, landscape materials, compost, animal bedding, fuel, and other practical applications.

Wood Waste Removal
Used Pallet & Crate Returns
Recycled Pallets & Parts for Sale
Multiple Collection Locations
Reverse Logistics
Environmental Scorecard Analysis

“In the month of March you were on time 100% on all our 44 deliveries!”

Shuntriece, Procurement Manager

Energy company - Grand Prairie, TX