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Greentree offers a wide variety of quality lumber products and packaging services.

Wholesale Lumber & Panels

Greentree stocks and delivers wholesale lumber and panels to all of Texas and beyond. Our supply is unmatched in terms of volume and variety of sizes, allowing us to provide extremely competitive pricing along with dependable service. From 2×4’s to 6×6’s and much...

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Hardwood/Softwood Dunnage

Dunnage is material used between, beneath, at the sides of or on top of cargo stowed either in a ship’s hold, or on deck or in a container with the aim of protecting the cargo from damage by chafing or wetness or to help stabilize a stow. Greentree supplies a wide...

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Custom Cut Lumber & Plywood

Greentree is a premier, integrated industrial lumber company.  We stock a full range of wood products, including industrial grade lumber for every industrial use, and we cut to your exact needs and specifications.  In addition to lumber, Greentree maintains a full...

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Custom Skids, Pallets & Crates

Greentree offers unique solutions for any and all pallet, skid, or crating requirements. Just tell us the size of platform, type of functionality and weight capacity specifications, and we will design and produce the perfect solution that’s right for you. We make...

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Banding Groove

Banding groove is dunnage with a groove down the length of the lumber, used at the base of a package along with metal or plastic banding to create stable packaging for products being shipped. We manufacture banding groove of all thicknesses, widths and lengths...

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Collapsible Crates

Collapsible crates save time, money, and space. Assembled in just minutes using a screwdriver, they are custom designed and built to your exact product specifications. Light weight and reusable, they are an excellent way to provide study protection for your products...

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Export Wood Products

Greentree sells lumber, timber and wood building materials to international and overseas markets. We offer quality timber products and services at the most competitive international prices. Our team of skilled veterans will design and quote to your specific needs....

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Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Whether it's sturdy boxes, protective packing material, staple guns or tape, Greentree provides customers with a wide range of shipping supplies and packing supplies to help make sure your shipments arrive at their destination safely and in mint condition. Just let us...

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Pick Up & Recycling Services

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Greentree will pick up used wood and/or pallets from our customers' warehouses, distribution centers and factories. We provide this service at a very low cost and buy used pallets at competitive rates to recycle and...

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